Hello Yesterday
The book I don't want to write

by Nancy N Davis
Many times over the past 30 years people have suggested that I write a book because they think my life has been interesting, most notably was my mother.  She is always fascinated by what I do.    It all seems rather common to me but at age 70 I do find it fun to relive moments from yesterday.  

I have to admit that I have enjoyed life living as if there were no tomorrow and doing the things that interest me.   Have I ran out of time?  Probably, but I will pack in as much as I can until it is over.

I can't write a book. It isn't in my nature (ADD) to commit to such a long term project.  Besides, a sequential story of my life would be as hard to read as War and Peace.  Since blogging seems to be the most applicable to my thought processes and probably something I could work at, I decided to give it a try.  I will, however, in the true format of my "butterfly brain" (a story there already), I will write on random memories that make me laugh, smile, snarl or cry.